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  Divorce, Separation, Grief, Anxiety, Depression...                        Kelowna,BC.

Major life events can be devastating. Have you experienced any of the following...? Are you coping well?

  • Death of a loved one 
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Job loss
  • Illness
  • Accident

We also have situations or experiences in our daily lives that prevent us from being happy and complete...Have you, or are you experiencing any of the following?                                             

  • A feeling of discontent or lack of motivation and energy
  • Feeling stuck in your life
  • Problems in your relationship or marriage 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feeling alone, overwhelmed or misunderstood
  • Anxiety or panic attacks 
  • Depression
  • Feeling homesick and lonely
  • Cultural shock

You will have the support and care that you need

I help you to cope successfully with the devastating feelings of loss, moral pain, depression, anxiety, loneliness, or any other demoralizing feeling that you may be experiencing.

Through my personalized sessions, you will feel less overwhelmed, stressed, or powerless because of the support and understanding that I sincerely provide you.

My therapy will allow you to put your suffering into words rather than into wrong actions or behaviors. You will be able to identify abnormal responses, and you will make the most of your individual strengths.

My Purpose

My main purpose in my counselling service is to help you to deal and cope with your life's ups and downs in an effective, healing, and caring way to make you feel whole and happy again. 

What I Offer You

I offer you a compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental service based on respect, confidentiality, ethical principles, and support.

My sessions are in English or Spanish, Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. I also offer sessions some weekends and evenings through Skype or Face time.



       Therapy Session Rates

 Refugiados o inmigrantes de bajos recursos contactarme para precio especial en consultas (Refugees and low income immigrants contact me for special rates).

                                                Nohra-Cecilia Clack
Counsellor R.P.C.c
(250) 808-0415
230-1855 Kirschner Road
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 4N7



Client Focus

  •   Adolescents
  •   Adults
  •   Couples
  •   Seniors
  •   Veterans
    •   Spanish Immigrants
    •   Latino-Americans
    •   Other Ethnic Cultures
    •   First Nations 
    •   Bisexual
    •   Gay
    •   Lesbian
    •   Transsexual